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TheRealThunderOrb, Aug 5, 11 3:34 AM.
Thanks to all who made it out. I know it's a little odd without Hap there to lead the way, but we're managing! He's got some big shoes for me to fill. Ha ha.

Tonight's camp will be on Endor. If anyone wants to scout around for some good resources, be my guest. At this point in my trade, I could use just about anything.

In other news, Evolu should be a little better at buffing by the time we camp again. I've got her AFK grinding Musician tonight and I'll leave her AFK grinding Dancer during the day. (She's already got enough skill points for Dancing Techniques 1.)

See you all tonight. Happy hunting!



pants52, Aug 5, 11 12:51 AM.
I've added some pictures into the Library from tonight's camp-out. It's mostly of Lof and I, sorry Esreesa and Mal.

They seem to be a little big for the website, so if anyone knows how to make them smaller shoot me a message and I will cut down their size.

Other than that, Camp-out on Endor tomorrow.

CAMP OUT - 8/04/11

MortalDanger, Aug 4, 11 1:23 PM.
On Yavin tonight

/WAYPOINT 528 4251


MortalDanger, Aug 3, 11 11:49 AM.
Just messing around with the theme.  Let me know if you care or which ones you like.


MortalDanger, Aug 2, 11 12:00 PM.
Added some guides.  I hate how slow SWGEmu forum is.  Feel free to add more, I just copied and pasted.  Also, a macro guide would be nice, if someone wants to put up their favorite macros.  My favorite crafting one is the one on the WS Guide that uses /ui action defualtButton;

Right, well hello everyone.  I started this for some reason.  I'm sure someone can figure out why.  Anyway, I'm just going to give everyone admin privileges, feel free to mess around with it.  Try not to delete anyone, but it's all pretty damn simple - I just don't have a whole lot of time to fix it up.

Specifically, you may want to look at the different themes and see what one you like, or you can make your own.  I picked this one because it is Ranger-y.

Okay, so for youtube you need to go into HTML and repaste it there.I think you also have to use the old embed code option.

Video: Changing your Theme

Video: On-Page Drag and Drop
Video: How to add Widgets
Video: How to add Pages
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